Disciplines: Anchor

Anchor Installation & Testing
ASUK are qualified in the installation, testing & certification of Petzl Mechanically & chemically fall arrest Eyebolt anchors BS EN 795: 1997 class A1 anchors in accordance with BS 7883 2005. These anchors are suitable for work positioning, fall arrest, restraint, rope access & rescue. Eyebolts & anchors offer the user protection from a possible fall from height whilst carrying out hazardous external works such as window cleaning, building maintenance, inspection, rope access & pest control. ASUK can provide and install a comprehensive range of removable or fixed eyebolts and single point anchors for use in Concrete, Masonry, brick & steel. All anchors can be installed either internally or externally. Anchors used are manufactured from high tensile steel with either a galvanized or plastic coated finish or bright polished grade 316 stainless steel.
Installation should be carried out in accordance with BS 7883:2005 - Application & Use of Anchor Devices Conforming to BS EN 795 and Appendix A of BS EN 795:1997 - Protection Against Falls From A Height - Anchor Devices - Requirements & Testing. All installations carried out by ASUK will include the full test procedure described below. In the case of Anchor Devices installed into brickwork, concrete and masonry a 6kN axial load test of 15 seconds must be performed to ensure the integrity of the fixing. Through fixings require a torque setting of 35Nm.
Pre-use inspection
Prior each occasion of use, anchor devices are visually inspected & checked, in accordance with manufacturers instructions. It should be performed by competent personnel.
At least once every 12 months each anchor device should be subjected to a periodic examination in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. If used for rope access purposes, anchor devices come under the Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER), which requires an examination period to be every 6 months. Anchor devices that have been previously installed that are not used on a regular basis should not be used unless they have been inspected within the previous 12 months (or 6 months for rope access). Suitable labels will also be provided clearly showing the date of next inspection and the use that the anchor is intended. [Fall Arrest Only][Rope Access Only][For work Positioning & Restraint] For connection of personal fall protection equipment to anchor devices, connectors conforming to BS EN 362 should be used, Advice detailing this is given in BS 843